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Important announcement: CaST Cymru 2017



CaST Cymru

- ‘Communities and Schools Together’

At  CaST Cymru we want to see a Wales where learning and wellbeing is improved for children, their families and communities, particularly for those living in disadvantage.

We can help to make this real by facilitating mutual support and co-operation among voluntary sector and other agencies working with schools and the education sector.

In taking our work forward we aim to:

  • Engage directly with schools, families and their communities through the delivery of projects, programmes and services
  • Facilitate mutual support and co-operation among voluntary sector and other agencies working with schools and the education sector
  • Broker relationships between the voluntary and statutory services involved in learning and well being
  • Support new approaches to community focus, area based solutions and co-production for schools and their communities including creative out of school hours and informal learning opportunities

We are:

  • A ‘deliverer’ of pilots, projects, programmes and services, including ‘on the ground’ in addition to  ‘through others’
  • A ‘think tank’ developing and demonstrating ideas/projects/services
  • An ‘enabler’ to other voluntary sector organisations in delivering projects/services to education and learning providers (in partnership with us or independently)
  • A ‘broker’ for the third sector and education sector
    • Supporting the third sector in how to work with schools and education services
    • Supporting schools and education services in how to work with the third sector
    • Bringing these together and brokering partnerships and collaboration
  • A ‘representative body’ for those voluntary organisations working with the education sector in Wales, helping to maximise the potential of the third sector

We look forward to developing relationships and partnerships in the future and welcome contact from you – email info@castcymru.org.uk

CaST Cymru is the working name for CaST Continyou, Registered Charity 1151119 and Company Ltd by Guarantee 8405548

CaST Annual Report 2013 – 14 english


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CânSing is CaST Cymru's National Singing Programme. The overall aim of this work is to raise the profile and standard of singing across Wales by extending opportunities and improving the quality of provision and delivery within schools. This development is underpinned by a training programme and resources, to be utilised, primarily, by those working at key stages 2 and 3 and therefore acting as a mechanism for engagement and learning in years 5, 6 and 7. In addition, the initiative aids pupils’ transition from primary to secondary school and links to out of school hours learning [oshl] and community focused schools development.
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Building confidence, building friendships

Could the quieter, shy children in your school achieve more with improved self-esteem and confidence?

Supporting school clusters to improve:

  • Attendance
  • Well-being
  • Learning

..of some of your most vulnerable children.

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supporting schools and communities to improve:
  • Learning
  • Wellbeing
  • Attendance
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